Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Quick Update and Patch 4.1

Just letting you know that my rogue ding a while ago. It is take a while to get use to playing a rogue since they're like butter compare to other melee class. It's not an easy class, but I am getting the hang of how they play. This class seem to be weird to play in PvP sometimes. Feels like I'm not hitting certain people hard enough, even casters are a little awkward to kill. Still, I manage to take them down. The only classes I have trouble with are hunters and (Blood) DKs. Hopefully, they won't be too hard to take down when this patch comes up. Speaking of which, here's a preview of the new patch:

Seems like people will be trolling trolls again. Man, I lost count how many times they have been getting killed. It's getting to the point they're wiped out. But anyways, what I'm most interested about are the new stuff and changes coming in. I'm liking the Rogues and Feral Druids changes they got going. Looks like they're going in the right direction of being decent again. However, Warriors are getting some abilties toned down a bit. Colossus Smash loses 50% armor reduction on PvP targets and Spell Reflection went up by 15 seconds on the cooldown. However, Lambs of the Slaughter change is pretty nice. Whenever Mortal Strike lands on a target with Rend, it refreshes the duration. That's actually a good benefit since I usually lose the duration every moment or so and it's kinda irritating if I miss a Rend. Although our Intercept's stun is toned down to 1.5 seconds, that ability and Charge has no diminishing returns, which isn't too bad.

Summary of other classes that I play less often or don't play as, most of Mages abilities are getting toned up, which I'm not surprised but just to be mentioned. Shamans are weirdly getting toned down for Elemental Combat and re-worked a bit for Enhancement and Restoration. Death Knights are getting nice tune-ups with Frost, and some changes for Unholy and Blood (even a Death Knight version of Rebirth). Warlocks have some changes with Affliction and Demonology, but Affliction still seems to be a little iffy in the damage department. Aside from the Priest's dispel toned down, their changes are decent at best. Aside from Feral, Balance is getting toned-down a bit in single target damage and Restoration gains more importance with Tranquility and tune-ups with other Area-of-effects heals. Not sure about Paladins and Hunters though. Didn't care too much about them.

Probably my favorite part about the new changes aside from classes are the honor points being double and using honor and conquest points to convert into justice and valor points. This will make gearing much more easier now. The least favorite would be the Call-to-Arms for Dungeon Finder. Understandable that their should be more (mainly) tanks and healers, but that's pretty much a low blow to damage dealers (mainly pure classes like Mages and Rogues). Not a fair trade off if you ask me, but this is Blizzard game. Overall though, big changes. Some are good, some are bad, but the game might be still enjoyable if you don't let the bad get to you.

EDITED: On the part where it converts PvP points and PvE Points. Yeah, it's only Justice to Honor that's being changed. It's one way for Valor to Conquest. Quite disappointing, but I don't mind since the new feature to get valor is easier now.

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