Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She's Coming Around

Yep, my worgen rogue just hit 80 yesterday. So just five more levels to go and she'll be in the big leagues with super-bads and super-goods. Also, a funny thing happen yesterday. I was playing my druid, and my god it was hard for some reason. Since being a cat is practically being a rogue (and I was leveling my rogue for a while), it was hard doing certain abilities. And I thought my warrior to death knight conversion was bad, but this was worse! Still, I adapted to what I can do and kept going.

Also, I got into BH last night with my druid and got PvP leggings...for healing. They didn't had another druid in the group and I just didn't like to see it go to waste, so I just asked for it and gave it to me. Although I won't sell it, I'll probably not use it either. Still, I should probably become heals one day, but I'm practicing on my worgen from another realm first. Still tricky to do things, but its actually not bad than I thought it was from random rumors. Maybe they're just bads that just spam Regrowth and Rejuvenation 24/7. Still, I wouldn't mind changing at the last minute.

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