Thursday, April 14, 2011

Training the Puppy

Well, I'm still working on my rogue. Got her up to 67 as you can see above the post (hit the refresh button if you still see the worgen with 55 above her). Make sure to pay attention to that for what I'm leveling or might delete off. I'll try to update it as soon as I'm done with my WoW sessions. Speaking of my rogue, shes starting to get more interesting as I'm leveling her up. I had a few deaths here and there, but I'm just trying to get the hang of fighting heavy-hitting mobs. Characters like Alehs and Meomeo had an easier time taking Netherock back when I was leveling them. But my rogue hits the ground way easier since I don't have a lot of cool downs to migrate all that damage. I guess I'm not Combat specc to handle them (only use Assassination and Subtlety). I'm not sure if I want to be Combat specc since it doesn't seem useful in instances, much less PvP. So I'll just stick with what I have until I hit either Northrend or 80.

Also, sorry about the late update. Was playing a little too much to the point I just forgot about blogging at all. However, I'll try to make up with another post later. Not sure when, but hopefully when I get the time and thoughts for it. Not sure if it'll be another character profile, but I do have a 85 shaman to show you. So maybe later, but stay tuned for it.

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