Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zul'Aman > Zul'Gurub

I always liked Zul'Aman since the instance was so much better in mobs and bosses. However, the only boss I don't like is Akil'zon. Previous raid content were raid content for a reason, and making it pick-up group accessible just makes it harder to down it. Although the birds are an nuisance (even added in a "kidnapper" to make it more annoying), people don't seem to know placement when it comes to Static Disruption and Electrical Storm.

Most casters know what to do on Static Disruption by stay away from each other, but since I have melee toons (rogue and feral druid), they're always doomed whenever there's another melee DPS around. Still, we get dispelled and such. Then there's Electrical Storm. Although it's wise to stay apart, some spread too far to the point they can't reach the person with the debuff. It's worse if a kidnapper places a party member somewhere far from the group before the ability is cast upon them.

Aside from that boss, the dungeon is ok. Still can't the mount event down since everyone in my realm wants a caster (after all, this expansion does favor casters a lot in PvE) and have a large item level. Well, maybe when it gets easier or once I get into a good group, I'll be able to do it. The only thing I done for Zul'Gurub is the last boss. I pratically didn't do the other bosses because the Dungeon Finder tends to group me up to people doing the Godbreaker (last boss).

Although this boss is mad easy to do, people still fail at it. The tank doesn't position the boss outside of the Deadzone (or sits out of Deadzone and nearly dies from Shadows of Hakkar; isn't limited to just the tank), people don't down adds in the second phase well (melee has to be catious if their damage output is low because when there's a bunch and you aggro, you're practically dead), breaking the chains too fast or holding the large add for too long. Just simple mistakes that people don't correct after the 5th or 6th time. Some people question my DPS on the fight because it's too low. It's too low because I don't have 3-4 abilities that have AoE capabilities (usually a caster has that many and they complain about me not doing enough). I guess I need to search up when to Fan of Knives, but it's not going to make me climb up the charts.

But yeah, we get him down and usually the item that I want isn't there, so I just enjoy the small amount of valor points I get from it. Hopefully I'll be geared enough once patch 4.2 comes along. Not like I'll do Firelands raids, but it would be cool to do.

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