Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is Good News...Somewhat

Well, Patch 4.3.3 has officially came out. Not only does it support 64-bit computer clients, but SoR has been buffed and turned back on. Even to the point of handing out up to 100 scrolls. However there is a few bad news to this:
  • There will be too many scrolls going out, making the demand for them shrink immensely. This might make my SoR section pretty useless since there will be places that will have a lot of them everywhere.
  • I need to get a subscription again to benefit this feature. By the time I get one, the demand for them will be a lot smaller and I probably will have to buy carefully now.
  • Unless the next expansion is coming out real soon, this is too soon to be turn back on. People with Annual Pass have a free shot of cutting down that demand even more with this option.
So, it seems I just need to get an income at this rate because it's not going to be easy keeping my subscription up. Still, I will provide them when I come back on. However, I'm not sure if it'll be resourceful like it use to be.

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