Monday, February 27, 2012

SoR Maybe Back Soon/New FFXI Blog/Video Section Update

Scroll of Resurrection maybe back in the next few patches. I don't know when, but hopefully this will put me back on getting more subscription time. So stay tuned to Blizzard's announcements and MMO-Champion's posts.

Also, here's my FFXI blog, Tiny Ren. Just a little blog talk of my Tarutaru, Renwin. Similar to WoW, talking about gear and what I'm doing. Also, I won't have as many as 10 characters since that game is hard just with one. Two would not only hurt me time-wise, but even money-wise as well. Just what I need at this moment. Also, I'll be posting up some End Time videos on my YouTube, so click on the tab above if you want to view it. I'm not back yet, but I just forgot to upload them until now. Check them out.

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