Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's Happening So Far...

Finally got the Dark Phoenix on my druid. Had to get the gold from my shaman and auctioning since I was 2k off, but I got it all in one day. Also, I completed the ZA speed run with a PuG for the first time. Was challenging, but we made it. I didn't get bear, but I wasn't mad. In fact, I was happy that I gotten my agility bracers from there (even got legs too, how rare). Still, I'm looking for better shoulders. I'm getting a little tired of these poor-looking (and poor stats as well) shoulders. Just doesn't fit me afterwards. Next run I guess.

I have been leveling a priest for a while, but I'm still a little confused as to what to do with her. I'm doing discipline and shadow for now, but I'm not sure if I can heal right due to DPS'ing just to heal. Nearly lead to some wipes I had lately. I need to work upon that more. Overall though, PvE has been fine. PvP on the other hand, has been a roller coaster. One moment, the score board was like this in the 35s-39s:
Next moment, I'm in the 40s-45s and other classes are just looting me like a free honor bag. I guess I should stay with PvE for now since PvP is just too random for my priest. Not to mention I can't heal to well in those situations. Just too intense and a lot of people aim for me as soon I cast Renew. But aside from that. Nothing much has happening. Just my usually WoW stuff. Also, a random Worgen moment brought to you by Tungulria:
I'm in your Tol Barad
Stealing your lights

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