Thursday, March 31, 2011


Race: Tauren
Class: Druid
Current Level: 85
Date Created: 11/??/2009
Realm Location: Ner'zhul
Current Spec and Gearing: Feral with Bloodthirsty Set

Description: This tauren was my second toon (first Horde character) to be created and now my primary toon after Alehs. Feeling stressed out from my warrior dying all the time, I went on my druid. I tried to experiment with what I wanted to do with my druid, and Balance and Restoration wasn't for me. But once I keep trying with Feral, I felt like I found my WoW sweet spot for dishing out damage.

In PvP, I died quickly but it wasn't as frequently as my warrior and I could choose my battles a little better. So gaining gear back at 80 was a lot better for my druid than for my warrior. Although I didn't get Wrathful gear during the season, I did obtain most of it when it was free. Of course, no shoulders were available, so I never had them.

In PvE, I advanced very well with gear to the point I eventually had T10 with two heroic pieces. And around late November of last year, I got Kingslayer. I understand that I had the 30% buff, but most of my groups usually don't go that far or we would be stuck at Professor, Blood Queen, or Sindragosa. So it was depressing not being in a good grouping until a good PuG came in to help us. But yeah, Patch 3.3.5 was the prime of my druid.

Then Cataclysm came in and still gave some fun for my druid after I painfully leveled my warrior. However, when I got up to 85, problems began to rise. Since it was very early in Cataclysm, I couldn't really do instances so quickly since most of my guild was on and off (the realm is West Coast, but I'm East Coast; blame my Alliance friend for signing me up there). Not to mention PvP was a severe grind fest. Luckily, the 1800+ honor points came in and support my gearing as well. But all was not too lost in PvE. As of right now, I currently have heroic gearing with 4-5 epics ready to be use. The only problem is that my guild can't pass Magmaw or Halfus when I was active. Every time we died and it only got worse each passing week. So I hung up my poor around February and went back to school.

Hopefully around late April or early May, I'll start playing again and make my druid shine. I know the Great Druid Nerfs were nasty back in February, but I seen some feral druids climbing back the ladder (PvP isn't dead, just a little harder now; can't say the same for PvE though since melee isn't too valuable for most fights). So all hope isn't lost if I play my druid a lot better.

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