Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Race: Draenei
Class: Warrior
Current Level: 85
Date Created: 9/??/2009
Realm Location: Ner'zhul
Current Spec and Gearing: Arms with Bloodthirsty Set

Description: I created this character back in mid-September 2009. This was my first character I use for WoW time, mainly for PvP. I had various reasons as to why I wanted a warrior. Mostly, it was to live up to the name a bit. If you spell Alehs backwards and put an "i" between "l" and "a", it's actually Shelia. Shelia was based off of the tank in the Red vs Blue series. The Blue side took the tank in, and did wonky stuff with her to try to corner the Red side. So being blue (Alliance and Draenei), and based off of an in-game specc (Warrior Tank), this was an interesting name for this lady in plate. Sadly though, things change, and she wasn't really a tank nor indestructible. Defeats the purpose referring something that you're not is somewhat awkward.

Around the time I was 80, it wasn't really easy dishing out damage due to my low output. Heck, most of the times I don't really do that much damage with this character due to having a poor weapon. But as soon as I obtain this weapon, it was slowly going up and I was taking down people. Very late in the previous expansion, I never really killed the Lich King (much less get passed Professor due to bad pug groups) and only obtain a few weapons from there. My PvP career wasn't so great either since I didn't went that far with the previous system for arena teams.

When Cataclysm kicked in, I leveled pretty quickly with this character. However, once I reach 85, I nearly abandoned this warrior since she was poorly geared and was practically free honor to anyone that gives me a second glance. Tol Barad Peninsula didn't help that feeling either, but the area did geared my warrior quickly due to the 1800 honor boost that happen around Christmas Break. Eventually, I was able to do some damage upon my opponents. Since this was primarily a PvP toon, I didn't do much with her when it comes to PvE. No raid experience with her yet, but only has been normal dungeons as Fury.

Hopefully, I'll get back into WoW again to probably use her for some PvP action. I wasn't perfect, but I did like hacking and slashing at things close with her. They still need to fix Heroic Leap though. That ability is atrocious.

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