Sunday, July 31, 2011


Over the span of 4-5 days, I hit 85 on my priest. Man, it was fun around 74-78, but it got a lot more difficult around 83. Feels like anything can melt me if I don't cover my self. But yep, probably be healing for PvE and doing damage for PvP. Well, whatever works for me. Any tips would be nice.

Did an OS3D run a few days back when I was trying to get my priest faster flying with my hunter. Someone was doing the 25-man run and I accepted it. So I try it out and the run was going decent. Did boss, and there were no wipes and I made second on DPS (a boomkin beat me). Then interesting enough, I rolled for mount and I won with a 94. Someone tried to cheat roll and got a 99. They spotted it and gave it to me. Also people kept bribing me to trade with them. In truth, I can always get gold, but I can never get a rare mount. But here it is, and it's all mines.

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