Monday, October 22, 2012

Too Rough for PvP!

Yeah, I can clearly see how monks are behind in PvP. The only class specialization I can be at the moment is Mistweaver. I know Windwalker can still work in PvP, but the skill cap for that is a little extreme for me. And with better DPS on the field (Arms Warriors, BM Hunters, Frost Mages, etc.), I'm pretty much butter milk to them. However, being as Mistweaver has been fun. I still have trouble with mana, but I do like to heal people. The problem with that is I might heal the wrong people that just don't want to do objectives or others just don't want to defend with me (just remember earlier when the only mage JUST left Blood Elf Tower in Eye of the Storm while one hunter came up to me and proceed to blew me out of the water; the mage JUST passed the hunter and kept going...really...).

However, this has affect everyone since crowd control in the game just seem too potent for PvP now. The biggest excuse is that healers are too strong in PvP, but that's just mostly Restoration Druids for the problem (which they're slightly getting fixed in the next patch due to Heart of the Wild). But seriously, I think there is a fine balance between having the right crowd control (CC) for the healer having trouble and impossible time healing anything. With so much CC, that sets a huge side-effect of random battlegrounds being CC-fest. I know the focus is mostly 3v3 arena and rated battlegrounds, but having too much CC gaps new players from improving their gearing and understanding of PvP.

In my view, toning down instant CC would be nice unless it's melee. Melee-based specializations that has ranged CC that exceeds 20 yards should be removed or tone down a bit. All ranged classes should have cast times on their CC unless it's melee-ranged. Fear-based CC needs to be breakable, but not to the point it breaks on the first hit. Lastly, having root-based CCs on a longer diminishing return will help with mobility.

Overall, PvP is in a serious need of fixing. With too much CC going around and certain classes being broken, it's just not a fun experience for newcomers and veterans.

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