Saturday, September 29, 2012

MoP So Far...

It's pretty good so far. The Wandering Isle introduced the pandarian race a bit and playing said race is fun. Monk is a little hard at first, especially getting down Brewmaster, I haven't touched Mistweaver yet, but maybe later down the road. For now, I'm totally into Windwalker. Pandaria's Jade Forest is a great introduction to the new leveling areas. I'm about to go into Valley of the Four Winds, but later when I get time. The pet battle were interesting. I thought my Speedy was going down easier, but it leveled without problems and the system is becoming easier for me to understand. Overall, this game is looking bright for me. I probably just scratched the top part of this expansion and still have a lot to cover, but that's good to me anyways. However, I can't wait to obtain a Cloud Serpent. Those things look amazing.

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