Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patch 5.0.4 + Returned

For starters, I'm back for a while. Just trying out some of the new abilities and spells that are changed within the talent system. So far, it's a little tricky with Feral Druid since we're going back to SR uptime, but I'm ok with that. The game maybe simplified, but not all aspects are. Also trying to get back into Survival Hunter as well. Kinda tricky as well since I'm gaining so much focus when I don't need it. Not to mention my pet dies extremely easy now. Overall though, the changes are ok. I would like to use Incarnation more, but Soul of the Forest is decent for Feral Druid at the moment. I'm not too sure with Survival Hunter since it seems like any talent will do. But having Thrill of the Hunt is nice though.

The reduce slots was saddening, but I do get gold from it. So it's not entirely a bad loss. Getting items in LFR is a lot more personal and a welcome change. No more whining about that heroic geared warrior getting raid tier because it's for his off-spec (although there's more whining about Blizz doing this to them). Not to mention getting 25 gold for a lost roll is a pretty good trade off. Getting back into PvP is hard since most people are out-gearing me. So I don't focus on that aspect too much.

The only, true problem I have with this patch is that there is a visual bug where I see half the skin of a player. It was (un)funny at first, but now it's just straight up annoying to look at every time I walk by people. Fortunately, a Blizz rep knows about this and it deals with the CPU. Yes, I have a single-core processor and that is not the problem because people with duo-cores (and a couple of quad-cores) have the same problem. So hopefully, it's not a costly fix on the user side.

Overall, the patch is looking promising to fix up the expansion. A couple of hickups here and there with other classes, but mostly satisfied with what is given. Now all I'm waiting for is the Theramore incident and the expansion to pop out and every can begin playing again.

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