Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Much Is Too Much

So one of my guild mates (beforehand, I didn't know until we were done) was making a pug raid group and asked if there is an able tank for a Nefarian kill in BWD (Blackwing Descent). Most of the other tanks were not on, leveling their alts, or waiting for Hard Modes. However, I came into the picture with my feral druid Meomeo and accepted the offer. The raid group was soon ported to the instance and I began discussing with the other tank for what to tank. At first, I thought I was going to tank Onyxia and the adds from Nefarian. But then the other tank quickly prefer that he'll do what was mentioned instead (since he had experience with it anyways). Intimidated enough, I was in an unfamiliar territory with tanking Nefarian.

At first, my health was in scary place since I never been use to being this low in health. But after a while, it just felt natural and fun taking his attention. Fortunately, the raid group was able to kill him without too much hassle (in one attempt as well). Funny enough, I think I obtain a tier item from that place and never used it. I think I should since all I got is engineering helmet (which is nice, but I prefer the bonus). I'll try to tank later on for other raids, such as Baradin Hold and The Bastion of Twilight. Hopefully, I'll get geared enough to do Firelands later on (or wait for 4.3 to do the Dragon Soul raid). Either way, more stuff to come for my druid. And even if I don't do so well with tanking, my DPS specc is pretty good.

In other news, my holy paladin Hammerwind has leveled up to 85 recently. Now, I have been trying out healing with her and all it has been doing for me is getting my poor tauren crushed under Alliance's feet 24/7. Every moment, I'm looking at the world in gray scale because I can't heal for nothing and I keep dying very quickly. However, when I switch to my Protection gear and specialization, everything suddenly got calmer for my tauren. There's only been a few moments were I die very quickly. Aside from that, I just been tickling (occasionally helping) the Alliance. At the same time, however, the worse treatment I received was from a warlock in PvE gear and that legendary staff that everyone been getting lately (that blue dragon in the sky is becoming very annoying now). Aside from that, I have been very helpful with a few BGs. Of course though, this is just a few. I bet in many more, it'll be a lot worse. Hopefully though, I should probably live up to my tauren's name.

Now, this next moment has been on my mind lately and it's quite irritating to the point I want to be unprofessional right now. But for the sake of keeping this blog up, I'll be calm and explain the situation. Last night, I was on my shadow priest Wilda while searching a group to do BH before today's reset. I found my first one and tried to sample out that someone was saved. So I went back and forth and suddenly, my computer just gave up on me and froze the game. I was rushing my computer to start up the game again and it was just acting very slow. Eventually, I log back on only to see that I'm out of my group. So I search for another group and it was taking a while. Eventually, someone made one and I joined a second group. The same intro to the scenario of someone being saved happened. However, I didn't disconnected this time and the raid leader eventually found out the saved person. We booted him and finally started to get through the raid zone.

Then we got to Occu'thar. Now, we made two attempts on this dog. First attempt, people were being bad and standing in middle of the area were we suppose to group up and kill adds at. For the uninformed that never did this boss, don't stand in the area were people need to stack up. Otherwise, he focus on a random player and place a lasting AOE on the ground. What's worse is that some people that group up while that AOE was below them just sat there instead of standing near each other. Not only the healer is using even more mana to heal people, but they're most likely dead in a few seconds. Eventually, our DPS was too low since people kept dying and had to retry. However, I'm use to stuff like this because I'm quite patient with bad players during gameplay. But this is clearly not the worse part of this ordeal.

On the second attempt, players were still doing poor, but the job was done. And when I went to check loot, T12 DPS gloves dropped. I was quite happy since there was another priest and she was just heals. But soon, my happiness turn into so much endless rage, that Ragnaros would be afraid of. The raid leader (reading only the Spirit part of the gear) gave it right to the healing priest and said priest disappeared. Gave the poorly-geared healing priest T12 DPS gloves...all I wanted to do was express myself in such reckeless and violent rage to quench this anger, but the best I can do is make inappropriate swearing. 

So I learned a very valuable lesson last night. Do my BH runs earlier. Most likely, the smarter players will be trying to get it done as soon as possible. Or worse comes to worse, do my own.

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