Saturday, December 10, 2011

Patch 4.3 and Updates

So far, patch 4.3 is pretty good. We have some people exploit on LFR earlier, but they have been reasonably suspended up to 8 days. Like volka, they apologizes for their "mistake" of getting more gear. Other guilds, such as For the Horde, are finally quitting for a weak excuse they mess upon and plan on moving to another MMO that I'm not going to mention on this blog.  Fortunately, I was not part of any of it and played by the rules.

Anyways, the new dungeons are nice, the leveling through Lich King expansion has gotten a lot easier, and the transmog open is pretty interesting. Though, I recommend using it once you're 85. Quite expensive to change to the outfit you want every time your gear changes. The only problem for me is the looting in raids. Strange things like retribution paladins can roll on agility trinkets, DPS druids can roll on both intellect and agility gear (regardless of range or melee).

So far, my feral druid defeated Deathwing in LFR and I'm plan on getting to normals after the holidays. My protection paladin is gearing nicely thanks to the new dungeons. My goblin mage is quickly getting to 85. I'm trying to hit it before Monday. That way, I'll be ready to gear her later this month. My warrior, rogue, and hunter are steadily getting geared, but I stop trying for now on my priest. I'm just not that good with shadow priest. I guess I need to try heals again. I haven't tried it in a while, but hopefully I'm not too rusty. Still, I wouldn't find myself in a raid situation.

Also, I updated my tabs with two new pages. The video section is now my YouTube channel. It'll have various videos from WoW and I'll be popping a few before Monday arrives. It'll mostly be PvE content, but I'm not sure if I'll put some PvP content in it soon. The second section is keys for Scroll of Resurrection. If you're planning on coming back, just hit that tab and click a key. If a key doesn't work or none of them don't, then just comment on the most recent blog post.

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