Saturday, April 21, 2012

Didn't Want To Do This... *EDITED*

As I realizing , having multiple toons is getting tiresome and I'm just tired of seeing half of my toons in crap gearing. So,  I'm going to delete a good chunk of them. I'm hoping to have just two or three toons altogether. At least one for my Alliance side and one for Horde. Obviously, Meomeo is going to be kept because I love my tauren. But everyone else is up for grabs. I'll be back to post after I'm done with it.

*EDITED* And I am done. Meomeo made the cut (obviously), but my worgen hunter Corphria made it as well. That means every other toon I didn't listed are officially gone. I'm not plan on making another toon until MoP kicks in. Until then, I shall enjoy my increase amount of free time.

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