Thursday, March 8, 2012

System Lead Critizes WoW/SoR Reminder

Apparently, Ghostcrawler made a post mortem about what Cataclysm did good and bad for WoW and what's to look for in the next expansion. Well, what he mentioned does make sense. However, he didn't mention too much about PvP balance and structure of PvE raid sizes. But for me, I'm not really picky on those two because they're always in a state of flux that people will never be satisfied from. Also, I refrain from judging what's going to happen in the next expansion. It looks good, but I'm not going to lie to myself and think this is going to be a good expansion. I'm going to wait and see about that.

Also, a quick reminder about SoR. If you want to be invited to a specific realm in the US, just post your realm name and email address here or in the SoR Request tab. Apparently, you can change to a different realm for free if you want to level somewhere else or be with your friends.

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