Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Season

Well, the summer time is coming to a close and I would like to thank the people for coming here and read my blog. I'll probably do another hobby at this time. But until then, I won't be posting here for some time. Also, here are some of my (and others) achievements I think it was worth it:

  • My hunter and priest (first cloth class I ever raised up) are 85 and are decently geared. Though, my hunter just needs updated gear and I need to work on my priest for Shadow DPS.
  • My hunter has a few titles under her name and even has the Twilight Drake from 25-man OD3D.
  • I finally raised up jewelcrafting on my priest (it's kinda hard raising that profession up, but it'll be worth it once I come back).
  • My druid obtain a couple of more mounts this time around and to the point of getting the 50 mount achievement.
  • My druid also gained "Defender of the Shattered World" title.
  • My druid is the first toon to be 100% epic from PvE.
  • My Horde guild, E s R, officially 25 now.
  • I gain some PvP items for my deathknight and rogue.
That's all I can remember that was interesting. Hopefully, I'll come back once school is almost over. Until then, I'll see you guys later.

(I'll keep this site open and update the signatures, but I might post some pictures here and there)

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